Bhutan Exotic Adventure Travel

Welcome to Bhutan: one of the world’s most pristine and exclusive destinations
If you are a true traveler loving to explore new territory that hasn’t been discovered by the masses yet. If you love encountering gentle people in a breathtaking nature. And if you have an open mind. Then awaits you a paradise called Bhutan. The land of the Thunder Dragon.

This last remaining Himalayan kingdom is lovingly called Druk Yul by its' inhabitants: land of the thunder dragon. Bhutan is the country of a stunning and wide variety of flora and fauna, amazing architecture, ancient traditions, impressive monasteries. Remarkably friendly people and unique colorful culture. Here Buddhism is a natural way of life and the whole country breathes peace, tranquility, enchantment, joy and age-old wisdom. It’s also the country having introduced Gross National Happiness to the world as an alternative for the economical Gross National Product, thereby inspiring many other countries to look at happiness and development in a different, richer way.

Bhutan might globally be a small country, yet it holds a very strong identity and unity. The rich cultural heritage is strongly promoted by its government. Travel ahead of the masses and let yourself be immersed in a bath of beauty and wonder in the worlds last Shangri-La.
Tashi delek!